WordPress User Manual: Quick Edit

When viewing your list of posts, you can float your mouse over a post title to see four possible actions:

  • Edit – Click to open the post editor page to change the content of your post.The Quick Edit feature allows you to make basic changes to your post
  • Quick Edit – opens a dialogue to change details about the post and how it is displayed on your site.
  • Trash – click to delete the post.
  • View – open the public page for this post to see how it will be displayed for users.

Quick Edit is a useful way to change basic details about the post such as categories and tags.

Using Quick Edit in QordPress

All of these changes can also be made on the Post Edit page, but quick edit allows you to quickly change the details of a post right from the “View All Posts” list.  To make changes to many posts, check the boxes to the left of the post titles you wish to edit and select “Edit” in the “Bulk Actions” drop-down.


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