WordPress Owner’s Manual: Add and Edit a Post

When you click Posts>Add New or when you chose a post to edit from the Post List, you will come to the Add/Edit post Page, or Post Editor. This is the primary tool for adding/editing content on your website and you should become very familiar with this page.

WordPress Owner's Manual - Post Editor | Morrison Street Web Development

  • Post titles should both describe the post and add enough details to identify this post form another. Instead of “Tuesday’s Update”, consider “I did this specific thing”.
  • The permalink refers to the specific URL of the post. You can change how these are formatted in Settings. You can leave these to default, but if your post title has special characters or dates, or is more than 32 characters in length, consider revising the permalink.
  • In addition to the options on the Toolbar, you can use custom HTML to format your text.
  • When adding a photo to your post, click the “Add Media” button and follow the prompts. You can add a new photo from your desktop, or choose a photo already uploaded to the library (there is a 3rd options to “Add from URL” – this is called “hot-linking” and is not recommended). Before inserting the image, be sure to enter an image description, “Alt text”, and select how you would like the image to be displayed (e.g. “Centered”).
  • WordPress has a default gallery feature. The preferred method for adding a gallery is the plugin “Simple Lightbox” which is more user-friendly for the website visitors. Read more about the Media Library and the LightBox Plugin.
  • Before publishing, preview the post to make sure the text is displayed as you intended.
  • Post “Format” and “Featured Image” should be left default based on the theme settings. If the post format is changed accidentally, the page may not display correctly.
  • Categories and Tags enable your website visitors to quickly find information on your website. Read more about their use.

More useful information about creating and editing posts


  • Create great post titles
  • Adding pictures and images to your post.
  • Making a post “Sticky”
  • Using Categories and Tags
  • Use basic HTML to format your post


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